Recover Deleted FLV video Files on Windows

Q 1: What program can I use to recover flv files? A virus deleted all my files, thankfully i managed to recover half of them, but i couldnt recover any .flv files, anyone know what program does?

Recover flv files with uFlysoft Video RecoveryQ 2: How to recover FLV files from formatted hard disk? I have accidently got my partitions formatted. It contained loads of data. I used Pandora Recovery. But It doesn't provide FLV (Flash Video file) recovery. Please help me.Is there any software available for me to recover my ".flv" files?

Have you met this kind of problem? if yes, the following guidline will help you get out of the trouble:

To recover your lost FLV files, a great and reliable program is needed. uFlysoft FLV File Recovery is an all-in-one recovery software which can not recover your lost photos, but also recover all formats of video files like .flv files, and audio files. It can deeply recover your lost .flv files in a few clicks.

But before we start to use this software for getting back .flv files, let's learn something useful first: what makes your files gone. As an old saying, "Know yourself and know your enemy, you will win every war." We will learn the main reasons so that we can solve this file loss problem successfully.

Main Reasons We Need to Know of Losing Files

To keep your files safe, you should know which reasons or cases could make you lose files. Generally, the following cases may occur.

• Accidentally deleted files from memory card

• Formatted memory card or hard drive

• Memory card/hard drive got corrupted or inaccessible

• Virus inflection

• Power failure

• Your office breaks out a fire, and your computer damaged (I do hope you will never met this situation.)

Sounds terrible experience. But there is the reality. If you don’t have good habit of backing up your data on computer, you may lose them someday. So from now on, backup important files periodically, just in case. Well, what if your data has been damaged or lost? Do you know how to recover lost data? Let me tell you.

You may need to choose professional and easy-to-use data recovery software is your urgent task to complete. If you searching data recovery related keywords on, you will see there are millions of results for you to choose, however, I suppose you won’t try to click them one-by-one. Now, how to find out your target software with exact keywords searching? There is simple and directly way for you to refer to. What you need to do is to type keywords + OS system + brand, here is example for you, as this article is focusing on .flv file recovery, I type keywords like ".flv recovery software Mac uFlysoft" on google, then more than 9000 results would display on the screen for you, any of them are the target result to choose. So, what you need to do is click any one of them to access its official website to download the software.

Recover AVI video with uFlysoft Video Recovery

Next, we bring you the easy steps for using this software.

Steps to recover lost FLV Video files with uFlysoft

Follow the steps below to recover your deleted FLV video with uFlysoft FLV Recovery:

Step 1. Download uFlysoft flv Recovery software for free and install it. You may need uFlysoft (Mac data recovery version) if you are using Mac PC.

Step 2. Launch uFlysoft, click button "Scan";, then uFlysoft FLV Recovery Software can detect all the drives.

Step 3. When the scan finished, check the "FLV" folder and click "Recover" to save the back FLV files on your computer. Remember not to save the videos on the drive where you lost them for better preservation.

Easy for you to handle, right? So when you need to get this software, just feel free to come to uFlysoft studi-our official website to get what you want.

Tips You May Like

1. Not only video files but also photo and audio files can be recovered by uFlysoft FLV Recovery, so don’t be confused by its name, it’s an all-in-one media file recovery program.

2. To whom recover the lost files successfully, build a backup for your files right now because this action can help you to protect the data away from any kind of data loss problem.

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