Mac Data Recovery

get this data recovery software for restoring files on Mac

A professional data recovery tool for Mac users, with which you can recover all files that are lost, deleted, formatted from Mac/Storage device.


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Photo Recovery

choose this software to get back lost photo files

It's a top photo recovery tool that can deeply recover the lost, deleted accidently photos, videos, and audios from various storage devices.


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Mac Photo Recovery

select this software to bring your Mac photo back

It is professional Mac photo recovery software to recover lost, deleted, formatted and inaccessible photos, videos and audio files from any drive.


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Hard Drive Recovery

Recover data on any hard drive right on your Mac: internal and external hard drives are supported. You can recover data from any drive you can mount in Mac OS X.

File Recovery for Mac

uFlysoft Mac data recovery can find out deleted or damaged files and recover files with deep scan. It is a simple file recovery software for Mac OS X.

RAW Recovery Mode

RAW recovery mode is the most powerful way to recover lost or deleted files. With it,Mac Data Recovery can deeply scan your hard drive, find out the lost data and recover them easily.

Photo Recovery

Recover lost or deleted data like photos or music after you empty trash on your Mac. uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac can recover just deleted photos or those you deleted long ago.

Recover Memory Card

Insert any memory card or USB drive into your Mac directly or using a card reader, scan it with uFlysoft Mac Data Recovery and recover any deleted data on Macintosh.

iPod Recovery

Recover deleted & lost music, videos, podcasts & other data from your iPod Classic, Nano, Mini or Shuffle. Just enable disk access to your iPod in iTunes to start iPod data recovery.

  • Photo recovery is just a name, I was able to recover lost videos along with more than 2000 photos from corrupted SD card.

    - Sam

    Efficiency is more than 90% ( I was able to recover 779 photos out of 810.) Being a professional photographer, my 16 GB sand disk memory card got corrupt and it had the photographs of my Grand canyon trip. This photo recovery software helped me to recover my lost memories.

    - Aaron
  • Good software, easy installation, advance features , save scan, preview is really good, recover lost photos efficient. what can I say anymore?

    - Angus

    Yes, it's good expect it took me almost 2 hours in scaning for the files, but never mind, I got my files back any way.

    - Joshua
  • Actually this data recovery for Mac app worked, but very very very very expensive to me and no discount, hope I can get the free upgrade when the new version is released.

    - Lance

    It is good, but why can't I preview the files expect the photos? But it worked, hope later it can preview the documents, thank.

    - Nicholas
  • A good software for me,My photo is missed.I hoped i can get them back.It took me 20 min and get my picture back.Thanks...Thanks..Thanks

    - Rudi

    Greatt.Getback my lost files ,Thanks a lot.

    - Steven
  • Hey guy it is nice, expect let me wait for a long time though it recover my files.

    - Vincent

    By far the easiest to use. I formatted my 3TB external drive containing over 10 years of photos and over 80,000 music files plus a lifetime of documents. My wife threatened to kill me over the photos. LOL Thank you for saving me. ECELLENT product and value!!! Believe me, I was a skeptic. Not anymore.

    - Bryan Truithwaite

Quickly Data Recovery Solution

Up to 95% of deleted files can be recovered even after emptying Trash.

When working at the computer, we should be very concentrated, as sometimes an accidental mistake can cost us lots of time and nerves. One of such mistakes is unintentional removal of important files. Of course there is a lot of other reasons for file loss, such as power cuts, system crashes, hardware problems etc. But human mistakes occur quite more often when it comes to Mac OS, as this system is renowned for its stability. It is also renowned for its ability to recover deleted files, even if they were removed from the Trash.

Research shows that up to 95% of the lost files can be recovered, but if you keep doing wrong things such as the read-write operation, the probability of file recovery will decrease to 20%~50%. At this moment you need to find a professional lost data recovery tool to help you. uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac Software use the deeply scan technology which helps you to double the opportunity on restoring lost files. If you’re in file loss situation, please follow the professor below to solve your problem.

Why Choose uFlysoft
Month for Gift

Each month we offer users big discount and coupon of some data recovery software.

Safe and Security

Friendly to your computer OS also the antivirus like McAfee, Norton, etc.

Focus on Recovery

Serve over 200,000 users around the world base on our professional recovery tech.

Customer Service

24 HOURS support to deal with any questions comes from our users through email.

Media Review
"uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac has the easy-to-use interface simplifies the high-anxiety process of recovering lost files which help users to porcess data recovery Mac operation highly effective."