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Mac File Recovery - How to Recover Lost Files from Emptied Mac Trash

uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac helps you to restore files that have been deleted even the trash has been emptied. With this trustworthy data recovery software, success in recovering lost files doesn't depend on the types of disk you're using or the reasons the data was lost.

Scan all kinds of files from emptied Mac Trash;
Retrieve data like photos, documents, songs, videos and other file type from emptied Mac Trash;
Rescue lost data from MacBook, iPod, iMac, USB flash drive, digital cameras, cellphone or other kind of storage devices;
Suitable for Mac OS 10.5 and later OS X version.
restore the lost files back
"Accidentally emptied the Trash Bin and hopeless to get back the files. But this data recovery tool helps me to get my files back again! Thank you so much!"- Reviewed by AJ bieber

uFlysoft Data Recovery - Help to Recover Files from Emptied Mac Trash!

ways to take lost files back
Up to 95% of lost files can be recovered even after emptying Mac Trash. Recover files on Mac

Perhaps you've ever met this situation: you thought the files were useless or the files took up a large amount of Mac hard disk space so you removed them to the Mac Trash. But one day you suddenly realize actually one of the deleted files is important and you need it right now. What will you do? First thing first you may go to check the Mac Trash, if lucky enough you can get files back from the Trash, but what if the Trash Bin has been emptied? Take it easy, solutions are more than problems! To recover your lost files from emptied trash, uFlysoft Mac data rescue software uses several powerful techniques for getting back lost files. The choice of which one to use is made easy - just few clicks of the "Scan" and "Recover" buttons, the software will run through all of the recovery options, one by one.

The Posibility to Recover Files after Emptying Mac Trash

bring back the lost files from trash

When we emptied Trash Bin (secure emptying is not included), what we deleted is actually not the file. You just lose the access of the file from the system. The space occupied by deleted files is marked as "available to reuse", so the deleted files remain physically intact on the drive until they are overwritten by other files. So th truth is: the files will be only deleted when you put any new files in to the drive to overwrite the original ones. So remember, if you want to successes in bringing back lost files from Mac, the first thing to do is to stop using your Mac to avoid file overwritten situation so that the chance of getting back lost data can be increased. The next step is to find a reliable program to help you a lot. If you don't have Time Machine backup, Just we mentioned above, uFlysoft Mac Data Recovery Software> is the great choice

Process Los Data Rescue in 3 Steps:

Download uFlysoft Data Recovery on Your Mac first.

Select and scan a partition or drive where your lost data located.

Open the Files Recovery tool. Select the volume where your lost files were and start the scan.

Preview the found files (Only photos files can be previewed) and click ‘Recovery’, choose the safe destination to save the targeted files.

Preview and recover lost files.

uFlysoft supports almost all file formats for NTFS & FAT32 file systems. Therefore you can recover files not only on your Mac but also on USB Flash drives, external hard drives and other portable devices.

bring lost files from the players

iPod(Nano, Classic, Shuffle), iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone Mobile Phone, MP3/MP4 Player

undeleted hard disk missing files

Mac Machine, USB Drive, External Hard Drive, Memory Sticks, Secured Digital(SD) Card, XD Picture (XD) Card, Compact Flash(CF) card, Multi Media(MMC) Card, Digital Camera

uFlysoft Files Recovery supports a large amount of file formats than any other recovery application for HFS:

get your audio files back


take the photos back

JPG, TIFF(TIF), PNG, BMP, GIF, PSD, CRW, CR2, etc format more than 100.

bring the lost video files back


bring the deleted photo back


Recover Deleted Mac Files

Usually, steps for restoring files like below:

  • First of all it searches your hard drive for all recoverable files. In most cases you cannot just enter the name of your file into the search, so better arm yourself with patience.
  • Once the search is finished, you will see the list on your left which contains document files, photo, video, audio files and other types of files that can be restored. Now you choose your target files from the search results. (Because the computer operation system considers the files are gone, so the files will be renamed by the recovery software.)
  • When the file is found, you should select where to save it. You cannot save the file to the same drive where it was stored before. Choose another volume or some external storage device such as a USB flash drive is strongly recommend.
  • Finally, activate the software to run the rescue operation. The program will collect the tiny pieces of the lost files and arrange them to the initial state to begin recovering.
  • This is the flow which the software does work for operating the Mac deleted or lost data rescue process to bring your important files back.

Why Use uFlysoft for Recovering Deleted Files?

uFlysoft Data Recovery Software allow users to recover most of the file types-any reasons make the files lost or any drive the hard disk/storage you used. Moreover, the technology of deeply scanning and the easy-to-use operation helps users to recover the files completely and easily by themselves. Even better, the free scan function can protect users’ right: user can target the lost files by scanning first, then upgrade to the full version!

Expert Tips - Useful Technology for User

tips for getting back files

If you’ve lost a file, time is of the essence. As new files saved to Mac hard drive or storage devices, the original files gets overwritten. So do not use the drive or disk which your deleted files are stored before at all, until you have completed the scanning and recovery process.

The system crashed or the files loss situation happens occasionally, so remember build a backup for the files periodically is strongly needed.

If you meet the file loss situation again, stop using the Mac or storage device right now, use another computer to process the files recovery.

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    Expert Reviews

"uFlysoft Data Recovery Software is such a nice tool for solving data loss problem. With its excellent technology of recovering, user can success in getting lost data back with no stress."

Jane Emerson

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    User Reviews

"Great app which helps in restoring lost files. After I lost the files form my Mac, I got it, and it did not disappointed me-it did a good job to recover my files back!"

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