Recover Deleted AVI video Files from Hard Disk

Recover AVI video with uFlysoft Video Recovery

You guys may meet this situation that your AVI video files on your hard disk get lost due to accidental deletion without keeping another copy of the AVI file, or because of the power interruption when the AVI file is still open, or virus or worm attack, natural disaster, software corruption, inner programming error, hardware error etc. Now you may need to find ways to recover them back, here I bring you the solution, let's continue.

How Can We Recover Lost AVI Video Files

Solution 1: Video Data Recovery Function on Your Devices

Losing your video file is really common either due to human errors or defects of the production itself. In order to avoid disaster of this kind, many manufacture put recovery mode in the device like digital camera or camcorder so that their customers can easily get back their lost data.

If your device has this setting, then you are so lucky to recover deleted videos through it. However, not all the digital camera has this function, so if you are not the lucky one, go to solution 2.

Solution 2: Video Data Recovery Software

Recover AVI video with uFlysoft Video Recovery

We know that the hard drives or storage devices store photos or videos, and it is possible for us to recover photos, videos from them with the data recovery software as long as you haven’t put anything new into them. In my opinion, you can use uFlysoft Photo Recovery to recover your lost AVI files. Don't be confused by its name, uFlysoft Photo Recovery is an all-in-one recovery software which cannot only recover your lost photos, but also recover all formats of video files, and audio files. As an easy-to-use recovery tool, uFlysoft can help you to recover your AVI files due to these common reasons which make AVI loss problem happens:

1. Human Error

One of the biggest causes of AVI files loss is human error. Human error can include accidentally formatting a hard drive or storage device, unknowingly deleting folders or folder and damage to the computer.

2. Virus

Certain varieties of viruses, Trojans and other varieties of malware can corrupt some type of computer system and cause data become either lost or unusable. If you connect your storage device with AVI inside to a computer, which is already infected with viruses, your AVI files may be lost because of the virus too.

3. Hardware Problem

A hardware problem, for instance a bad hard drive, may cause a significant amount of data loss. A hard disk drive that has a bad sector struggles to write data to that particular area. If data was over a sector that could no longer be accessed, it most likely is lost. The most typical type of hardware issue is an error while using a hard disk drive.

Easy Step to Operate AVI Video Data Recovery

Follow the steps below to recover your lost AVI video with uFlysoft Photo Recovery:

Step 1. Download uFlysoft Video Recovery software for free and install it. (For Mac user to recover not only video but also other types of data like documents, photos or emails, uFlysoft studio offer uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac to recover the lost data on Mac.)

Step 2. Run the software and select the drive where you are planning to retrieve your lost AVI files, and select the AVI files, then click "Scan".

Recover AVI video with uFlysoft Video Recovery

Step 3. When the scan finished, check the "AVI" folder and click "Recover" to save the back AVI files on your computer. Remember not to save the videos on the drive where you lost them for better preservation.

Recover AVI video with uFlysoft Video Recovery

Useful Tips

1. Build a backup of your files can help you to avoid the steps above to recover files because you are not so lucky as this time-the chance of file recovery is infected by many reasons, so build a backup then.

2. You can view our official website (uFlysoft studio) any time when you need technical support and help. And you can download all of the software for free to try the free scan function.

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