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How to Recover Data from Western Digital Hard Drives

get lost files back from western digital hard drive

Western Digital Corporation is one of the largest manufacturers of hard drive in the world. It specialized in both internal hard drive and external hard drives. The popular external hard drives these days including WD Elements Portable, WD Elements Portable SE, My Passport Essential and My Passport Essential SE. Some of them have the function of backup automatically, but some are not. If you lost data unexpectedly, and do not have a backup, you need recovery software to help you restore the lost files from Western Digital hard drive with ease. Read the tutorial below to see how to recover data from Western Digital hard drives.

Data Loss Scenarios of WD Hard Drive

There are many reasons which lead to data loss on Western Digital hard drive, such as virus infection and physical damage. The most common symptoms are listed as follows.

  •  Mistakenly deleted important files on your Western Digital hard disk, and couldn't find them in the Recycle Bin on Windows or the Trash on Mac. Any way to restore those deleted files on WD hard disk?

  •  Accidentally formatted the WD hard drive and forget to back up some very important files. Is it possible to restore deleted files due to formatting?

  •  Western Digital hard drive corrupted due to sudden power failure. WD drive became inaccessible! How to restore the files on the WD hard drive?

Operate Western Digital Data Recovery

If you have backed up the content of your Western Digital hard drive, you can easily to restore it or just copy it to your disk. If not, then you need a Western Digital hard drive recovery helping you find back all lost files. uFlysoft Mac Data Recovery can be a nice choice. This easy-to-use data recovery is suitable for all computer users and different file loss situations on Western Digital hard drive.

It is pretty simple to finish the WD data recovery task. Just install WD recovery software on your computer, start the 3-step recovery process and you can restore lost files at great ease.

1. Connect Western Digital hard drive to Mac with USB. Generally, each portable hard drive has its corresponding USB like USB2.0, USB3.0.If it is detected by Mac and appear in desktop as a drive letter. Purchase or download Western Digital data recovery software like uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac.

2. Launch the program, select Western Digital hard drive where you lost data, click "Scan" to find out deleted files, and you can see all lost files listed in the task list by file types.

3. Click "Recover" to retrieve the lost data or you can preview them before recovery.

Caution: when you finish WD data recovery, it is advisable to save the recovered files to another hard disk or storage device in case the source files are overwritten.

restore lost file from western digital drive

For Windows users who want to recover lost photos, videos or audio files from western digital dirve under Windows OS, you can try uFlysoft Photo Recovery for Win.

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