Perform Lost Photo Recovery in A Simple Way

“OH GOD! Here! Here! T-Mac, here!” Seems I’ve done this every year, every game for T-Mac, Tracy McGrady. But from Now on, we can only watch this man playing basketball in video or in the photos ’cause Tracy Mcgrady, the greatest NBA super star in my heart, said he decide to retire. This is so sad to me, but the worse thing is: It seems that my photos and videos, even the important files ate by my Mac! Is this means I lost T-Mac also lost my job? God help me to recover lost photos please.lost photo recovery

A Super Fans of T-Mac, also a sad man who lost important files


Well, I also feel upset because T-Mac quit playing game in NBA, I will alsway remember the most famous 35s 13 points, 7 times NBA All-Star game, 2 times NBA Scoring Champions and more and more and more. But what I care more about is the guy called Mathew just send me an email to ask for help. He just lost something important, he lost his T-Mac photos and video, also lost the files may be relate to his job. Poor guy. Oh, forget to tell you, this poor guy is my brother so I have to help him though I am also a freshman in helping people to recovery deleted photos in the famous photo recovery company-uFlysoft studio.

Reasons of Photo Loss Situation

OK, before I start to help my bro to recover missing images, let’s just learn the reasons of photo loss.

•  Accidently delete or format

Some of you may format your memory card or your hard disk accidently, or empty your Trash/Recycle Bin. And you may feel your lost photos are gone forever after these operations.

•  Virus infection

Perhaps your computer got infected by a virus which corrupted the hard disk with your photos. Even worse, when you connect your memory card with the computer, your memory card may be infected by the virus and your photos in the memory card may be lost.

•  Suddenly shutting down

The sudden power-off of the camera or computer could lead the photos loss too. Once that happens, the transferring process would be interrupted, and some of your pictures might be lost.

See? The reasons above are normally in our daily lives. So, how to solve them and achieve lost photo recovery by ourselves? Here we bring you the way-a third-part photo recovery tool.

Steps of Lost Photo Recovery Operation

As I mentioned above, uFlysoft studio is the high reputation photo recovery service which helps many people in the world to solve their photo loss problem. So why many people like to use it? The answer is the “3-Step” operation of uFlysoft Photo Recovery which is listed as follow:

1. Download uFlysoft Photo Recovery first. (We offer two version, if you are a Mac users, try uFlysoft Photo Recovery for Mac. For Windows users, uFlysoft Photo Recovery for Win is fit for your requirement.)

2. Launch the program and select your disk or you movable devices where your lost photo files were stored to scan. Then it will scan your drive/device deeply and completely to seek the lost photo files.

3. After scanning is finished, click the “Recovery” button, you will be asked where you want to store the files. DO NOT save the recovered lies to the same path where the lost photo were stored before.

recover lost photo

After all of these, you will find that achieve photo recovery is so easy, no more technology skills, just a few clicks, right?

More Tips for Our Users

Remember, after photo recovery, build a back up for your photo files is strongly needed to avoid photo loss happen again.

To recover more files such as Word, Excel (just like my bro, he not only lost photos and video but also lost the files on his Mac) etc from Mac, just try uFlysoft Mac Data Recovery Software.

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