Recover Memory Card on Mac Data in A Simple Way

Common Problems about Memory Card Data Recovery

“Can I get deleted photos back, or get lost videos back from my mobile phone memory card?”

memory card data recovery Mac“Is there any easy way to recover images or deleted photos on my SD card with a Mac?”

“I don’t know how to recover photos in my digital camera SD card on Windows computer,what can I do?”


You can see many similar questions on the Internet, and the solutions are lack. It is known to all, people in the digital era always take photos with digital camera, mobile phone or other digital devices.And these pictures is a record of their life and nobody want to loss it. So the SD card in the phone or camera need to store so many data, and a large amount of data transmission can make SD card error, the card data may lost accidently. However, most of digital cameras or mobile phones have no feature for photo recovery, users can not get back their photos on mobile phone or camera. Here, this article will introduce a memory card data recovery tool-uFlysoft Memory Data Recovery software. Here we take uFlysoft Memory Card Data Recovery for Mac as an example to show you the steps of memory card data recovery on Mac.

Easy steps to Recover Data from Memory Card

You may think that the operation of memory card data recovery are complicate, is it true? Actually NO. I can say that you can recover your photos easily with just few steps:

Step1. Download the uFlysoft Memory Card Data Recovery for Mac from here>> and install it on your Mac.

Step2. Connect the memory card (or storage device) to Mac and launch the uFlysoft Memory Card Data Recovery for Mac.

Step3. Select the memory card (or storage device) and click “Scan”, the program will scan your device and search for your lost data.

Step4. Preview the files and Choose the ones you want to get back and click “Recovery” (Pay attention: Only the photos can be preview).

Step5. After recovery is finished, save all your recovered data in a path which has enough space to store the recovered data.

recover memory card data Mac

Warm Prompts for Data Recovery

Generally speaking, Memory Card Data Recovery for Mac can help you recover card data like photos, videos, music, etc. And if you use it in advance mode,you can recover the files in more than 40 formats .However, your card was seriously damage in case, and the data in it is extremely important for you, you can contact a data recovery expert. even if you will cost more than data recovery software, it is safer.

More for User

memory card data recovery

1. You cannot save the recovered files to the same drive where they were lost because this may cause the file overwritten situation or it will make your files lose again.

2. Want to recover lost photo on Windows OS computer? Just have a try on uFlysoft Photo Recovery for Windows.

More information please visit our official website>>

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