Apple Macos 10.13 Appeared For the First Time, the Code Name Is a Mystery

We shall greet macOS 10.13 in this year’s WWDC.

Although the next macOS system is expected to come until WWDC 2017, but the author of Pike’s Universum blog points out that he has found the macOS 10.13 appeared for the first time.

Specifically, the blogger found part of the App Store URL, which is also CatalogURL of macOS 10.13. This seems to be a secure HTTPS link from Apple’s servers, and of course the screenshot is likely to be fake, but this blog had provided reliable information in the past. Continue reading

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“Lunch Box”for Apple: Evolutionary History of Mac mini

“The Mac mini is BYODKM”, Jobs once said at Macworld 2005, which caused a lot of confusion.  Bring Your Own Display, Keyboard, and Mouse”, he continued, “We supply the computer, and you supply the rest.”

“Lunch Box”for Apple: Evolutionary History of Mac mini

The Mac mini was designed to lure switchers to the platform. A new customer could simply unplug their desktop PC and hook a new Mac mini up to their existing peripherals.

The original Mac mini started at just $499, making the machine the lowest-cost Mac Apple has ever sold. Continue reading

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With an application, iPad can be Touch Bar

With an application, iPad can be Touch BarOn November 17 morning news, an App designed by foreign developers, can realize the Touch Bar-function of the new MacBook in the iPad.

According to that the new MacBook with Touch Bar won’t reach the consumers until       mid-November, some developers designed an application in iPad version for experiencing the new hardware.

After installing the app, there will stimulate an operation like Touch Bar as if you connect ipad to the Mac through a USB cable. The result as shown in the video.

Though the App is a cheap copy,and that is not as good as the real version , still, it helps people experience the Touch Bar without cost, and knows how the Touch Bar works.

For now, the App offered for sale, before playing with it, the following conditions must be met:

The version of operating system for the computer ordered to be macOS Sierra 10.12.1 build 16B2657, which means already supported the Touch Bar in its system.

To install the Touch Bar Demo App v1.1.

Connect the iPad to the Mac using the USB cable

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New MacBook Pro Run into Keyboard Problem: Keyboard Tone is NOT Working, and Knocking Intensity Varies

new macbookFrom afternoon news on 22nd, Feb, a part of New MacBook Pro users said that their Books run into keyboard problems to varying degrees, including non-response keys, or abnormal knocking sound etc.

Apple introduces redesigned 2nd generation flat keyboard of butterfly structure to its new arrival MacBook Pro product line, which provides max key travel with guaranteed stability. The previous generation butterfly structure is adopted on ultra-thin MacBook, while the new generation is on latest MacBook Pro. Continue reading

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Good News for Hackintosh Users: MBP Will Adopt Kaby Lake in an All-around Way

For the reason of a launch time difference, 2016 MacBook Pro didn’t use the 7th generation of Intel core Kaby Lake processor. For the concern of professional users, 2017 MacBook Pro not only uses Kaby Lake processor, but also upgrades 16 GB of memory to 32 GB, and probably only 15 inch version supports memory upgrade.

For the official version doesn’t support Kaby Lake, a lot of Hackintosh fans bought latest core processor cannot install Mac OS. As apple product line supports Kaby Lake, Hackintosh installation will no longer be a problem. And the view that MacBook Pro adopts Max. 16GB because of power saving will be broken. Continue reading

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Don’t Worry, You can still check Battery “Remaining Time” of your macOS 10.12.2

In previous report, it was said that Apple removes “Battery available time” on macOS 10.12.2 official version launched today, battery icon on menu bar still shows remaining battery percentage, but displays MacBook estimated duration time of remaining battery life no longer.


Such change may result from that Apple worries about the fact that based on active user behavior, its MacBook dynamic algorithm cannot conclude an accurate estimate of remaining battery life. However, we can still check MacBook “Battery available time” without installing any 3rd party software.
Click Finder, and select “applications” on the left side of popup window, and open “Activity Monitor”. Continue reading

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The Root Cause of Short Battery Life of New MacBook Pro Has Finally Been Spotted

On December 22nd, 2016, American Consumer Reports claimed that latest Apple MacBook Pro failed to get its recommendation for the battery problem; Later, Apple said it would cooperate with Consumer Reports, in order to find out what is wrong with the New MacBook Pro.

The question now finally has an answer.

A Bug of Safari

According to news released by Consumer Reports in last December, New MacBook Pro did well in aspects like the screen display effect etc., but its battery life varied too much; For example, battery life results of 13 inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar in three consecutive tests were 16 hours, 12.75 hours, and 12.75 hours, and it showed a gap of nearly five times from start to finish.H386-fxzqnim3984351

For this, 2016 New MacBook Pro becomes the first MacBook of not being recommended by Consumer Reports in the history. Continue reading

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After Apple Inc. releasing MacBook, the whole series of Mac products mark up

You Need These Six Apps for Your MacOctober 29,morning news. The Apple Inc. has announced the new Macbook, unfortunately, British users suffered a bad news: the whole series of Mac products markup.

On the one hand,the lastest MacBook Pro costs hundreds ponds more than the previous generation of Mac product. On the other hand, the Apple Inc. has updated online store,and the prince of whole series of Mac products marked up than before, such as Mac mini, Mac Pro and iMac. Continue reading

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NEW mac OS Has Fixed MacBook Pro Blurred Screen Bug

NEW mac OS Has Fixed MacBook Pro Blurred Screen Bug【TechWeb Report】 Lately Apple’s NEW MacBook Pro went public, version with Touch Bar is particularly tempting. However, the new version seems to be come out without complete debugging, and various bugs are exposed, like somehow automatic shutdown if connected with more than one mobile HDD, or some users find the graphics card is unstable, and causes blurred screen very often. Continue reading

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How to Use Reminders with the Touch Bar on a Macbook Pro

How to Use Reminders with the Touch Bar on a Macbook ProOne of the often overlooked, but most handy features of your Macbook Pro is the handy Touch Bar, which can be used to lift your productivity to a whole new level, perfect for those who made New Years resolutions to be more mindful, or get more done.

With the Touch Bar you can create and navigate a to-do list with just a few taps of your Macbook Pro. This convenient feature is built to provide you with quick access to all of the settings that you most often use, which means it is perfect for switching over to your Reminders app without ever having to switch right over to the trackpad and do it manually.  Continue reading

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