NEW mac OS Has Fixed MacBook Pro Blurred Screen Bug

NEW mac OS Has Fixed MacBook Pro Blurred Screen Bug【TechWeb Report】 Lately Apple’s NEW MacBook Pro went public, version with Touch Bar is particularly tempting. However, the new version seems to be come out without complete debugging, and various bugs are exposed, like somehow automatic shutdown if connected with more than one mobile HDD, or some users find the graphics card is unstable, and causes blurred screen very often. Continue reading

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How to Use Reminders with the Touch Bar on a Macbook Pro

How to Use Reminders with the Touch Bar on a Macbook ProOne of the often overlooked, but most handy features of your Macbook Pro is the handy Touch Bar, which can be used to lift your productivity to a whole new level, perfect for those who made New Years resolutions to be more mindful, or get more done.

With the Touch Bar you can create and navigate a to-do list with just a few taps of your Macbook Pro. This convenient feature is built to provide you with quick access to all of the settings that you most often use, which means it is perfect for switching over to your Reminders app without ever having to switch right over to the trackpad and do it manually.  Continue reading

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AirPods Headset: Once Dismantled, Impossible to be Repaired

Famous crazy free repair site iFixit today dissembles AirPods headset, and it turns out to be beyond repair once destroyed.

AirPods Headset: Once Dismantled, Impossible to be Repaired Continue reading

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You Need These Six Apps for Your Mac

You Need These Six Apps for Your MacWhether you got a new Mac for Christmas, or you just happen to find yourself making the switch over from a Windows PC, setting your new computer up is one of the most important moments you will have with the machine. Sure, there is the obvious start-up procedures, the same out-of-the-box routines that every Mac owner is going to go through, but once you have your machine up and running, these are the six apps you need to install in order to make the most out of your new Mac. Continue reading

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Wonder Why NEW MacBook Pro doesn’t get 32G Capacity?

NEW MacBook ProNews brought in the morning of 22nd Nov: NEW MacBook Pro officially goes on sale at present; however, it gets its capacity below the line of 16G and excludes 32G. Why? One of Apple executives gave us an explanation.

In a reply to Ben Slaney who is a developer, Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of world-wide product marketing said, New MacBook Pro of 2016 adopts 16G LPDDR high rate capacity, with CPU hits 2133MHz. If you want 32G as an option, then you need DDR4 capacity with higher Power Consumption, and the motherboard calls for a new design. It will occupy extra battery space. These two factors could shorten the battery life. Continue reading

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How to recover deleted notes on mac

How to recover deleted notes on macIf you own a Macintosh computer and you are interested in recovering deleted notes, there are a number of successful ways that you can do this. Whether you had notes stored on an SD drive or notes stored on an external hard drive, you can also recover files which warns on your native hard drive for your mac machine.

Here are some of the top methods that you can use to recover deleted notes on your Macintosh computer: Continue reading

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Why my iPhone is Totally Bricked?

Why my iPhone is Totally Bricked?One thing that we have to mention about iPhone is that malicious remote lock has always existed, but hacker issue happened some time earlier was always about Netease email password disclosure. Official Apple customer service indicated in unofficial channel that due to massive security problem of a certain mailbox, 400 hotline becomes so stressful and “really hot”. Continue reading

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Fix MacOS Sierra Update

Fix MacOS Sierra UpdateIf your Mac OS S update has become stuck or has failed, you may not know exactly what to do next. The Mac OS S update is an excellent addition to any Macintosh computer and if you are having real difficulty with the process of installing this update, you may need data recovery for Mac. Continue reading

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High price arose the dissatisfaction: the Apple dropped the prices of the USB-C and peripherals

the Apple dropped the prices of the USB-C and peripheralsOn November 5 morning news, by providing USB-C interface only, the new MacBook of the Apple has caused inconvenience to many users. In an effort to head off major discontent, the Apple decided to lower the price of USB-C adaptor and the cable by a last-minute decision.

The users of new MacBook can connect all the peripheral equipments by the USB-C adapter only. Peripheral equipments including: mobile HDD, displayer, keyboard,mouse and the device to integrate all the interfaces of USB, DisplayPort, FireWire and Lightning. Continue reading

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Card Data Recovery for mac- Recover Files on Memory Cards

Card Data Recovery for macIf you have files that have been lost on an SD card such as pictures or videos from a smart phone or camera, it can seem like a hopeless task to potentially recover these files. Whether the SD card has been damaged or the files have been deleted, you may be able to perform a day recovery for mac with your SD card to get these files back. Continue reading

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